Say what you will about the news throughout 2018, but you can't deny it was a major year of musical innovation and breakthroughs. From standout albums from pop icons, queer game-changes and future-thinking newcomers, the musical landscape never looked brighter and K-pop arguably played a major part in this.

After years of steady but slow progress, it finally felt like the K-pop scene made its major breakthrough in 2018. While BTS was the undeniable ringleader with their top-charting albums and visibility across the most coveted and mainstream platforms, the guys played an important part in opening the eyes to literally millions that great and, perhaps most importantly, meaningful music was coming from South Korea and didn't necessarily need to all be in English.

After a game-changing year for K-pop, PAPER put together the 20 songs that helped the scene shine brighter than ever.

20. "Bboom Bboom" by MOMOLAND