Though we were blessed with plenty of bops in 2017, this year, the hip-hop world truly gave our ears the royal treatment. Not only did we catch ourselves chest-bumping strangers because of Sheck Wes' raging ode to an NBA rookie, but we were also left entranced by the spellbinding ride of Travis Scott and Drake's three-part chart-topper. 

Don't sleep on the ladies either, because they were spinning off bangers while on the clock, too. Miami's City Girls kept the ladies engaged with twerk-worthy anthems, while Noname peppered a fistful of empowering gems to help women trek their way through 2018.  

Everyone made a splash, but only 20 songs truly had our hearts during this ultra-competitive year. See which ones made the cut below. 

20. Migos, "Stir Fry"