Regardless of what the Grammys may think, Latin music was dominated by urban beats in 2018 -- more specifically that syncopated reggaetón beat that’s become our new definition of pop.

Reggaetón’s inescapable rhythm seemed to permeate every corner of our sonic landscape this year, blending seamlessly with pop, with rap, with rock, with everything, like a little black dress. Not that there was anything wrong with that: With its infinite catchiness, some great melodies as a complement and an often generous dollop of naughtiness, that reggaetón beat made us sit up, take note -- and quite often, dance.

But in the midst of that syncopated chan...cha-chan, there were other songs that explored boundaries in their own way, blending genres and styles with defiance and a message and sometimes just beautiful simplicity. Clearly, the well of Latin music is just starting to open up to listeners at large.  Here are our picks for the top 20 Latin songs of the year.

20. Becky G & Natti Natasha, “Sin pajama”